Moving Nature – Premiere June 2018

Moving Nature, premiered June 2018 at PDSW

Based on ‘First to Bloom, Last to Leave’ visual art exhibition by artist Christian Kerrigan. (Siobhan Davies Dance Studio 2015)

Inspired by Kerrigan’s sculpture the dancers responded to the life and growth of trees, and the subtle textures and differences from seed to leaf.

Ben Warbis Associate choreographer for FuZe8 YDC joined us at the rehearsal and performance day at PDSW, after returning from an intensive few months touring with Michael Clark Company.

‘The FuZe8 dancers are beautiful to watch and a joy to work with. They are taking huge leaps forward and are working better as a team than ever before. Saturday’s performance at Spotlight demonstrated wonderful spirit all round, as well as strength, care, and power within such dynamic choreography. These dancers are role models for their generation’. Ben Warbis June 2018