Shawn Addison

Shawn Addison FuZe8 Dancer Profile

Originally from Jamaica, Shawn began his dance training at Totton College studying Dance, then moved to Leeds to study at Northern School of Contemporary Dance under the lead of Janet Smith. Whilst studying at NSCD he has had the opportunity to work with lots of influential artists and choreographers such as Gary Clarke, Hannes Langholf and Kerry Nicholls. He has trained in various different contemporary techniques, somatic practices and partner work, building a strong foundation in his dance practice.

Whilst at NSCD, Shawn enjoyed working for Denada Dance Theatre, Inky Cloak and Joseph Reay-Ried Company, all who explore the physicality of movement that tie in the emotive and imaginative principles from contemporary dance. A familiar style he was used to when developing choreographic and performance work for FuZe8 Dance Company.

Shawn is currently working in Denmark as an apprentice dancer at Black Box Dance Theatre, touring a variety of repertoire pieces. Next year, he will be starting his Masters in Contemporary dance performance at NSCD, investigating contact improvisation, partner work, safe practice and performance.

As I look back on my dance journey, I really value a lot of principles I have inherited from Nicola’s training and subsequently FuZe8 Dance Company ethos and values. Especially creating dance work relevant to our society today. As well as FuZe8’s teachings on professional practice, which has come in handy for auditions and when working in a company. I was given the right tools to guide me through the highly competitive and driven industry that we are working in. Nicola’s attention to detail is a big asset to her pedagogy; when learnt, it becomes a transferable skill into any situation, and is what separates the difference between amateur and professional.