Primary Projects

We provide INSET in primary schools to help build teachers confidence in delivering dance and creative lessons linked to their school curriculum.

Support will include a highly experienced dance artist working alongside the teachers to train them in the dance curriculum and facilitate the planning, delivery and assessment of adaptable projects, which are flexible and therefore offer longevity and sustainability of use.

Each project is bespoke; providing imaginative and creative lesson plans to support the development of the year group and maintain the school’s objective and vision for learning.

“FuZe8 aim to encourage young people, help raise their self-esteem, and improve their feelings of confidence and self-belief through dance.”

“The lesson-plans are easy-to-follow, without jargon and supported by useful 'tips and hints' for staff, so that we are confident in delivering a creative dance experience for their students.”

Nicola Lloyd, Artistic director of FuZe8 recently worked with Pokesdown Community School and created a detailed scheme of work to enhance Year 4 & 5’s curriculum. After an initial meeting with staff to discuss the topics and the desired outcome for the project, Nicola designed a 6 week project for both year groups that supported the classroom learning and developed their knowledge and understanding of dance. The teachers were provided with the lesson plans for each project, enabling the staff to deliver the dance project in the future.
The INSET included a teacher’s resource pack:

  • Detailed lesson plans (school format) linked to the school’s key objective for the dance project including dance terminology, music tracks and choreography
  • Film clips of Nicola teaching warm-ups and key motifs
  • Resources, including PowerPoints, handouts and research material
  • Opportunity to film Nicola teaching