Welcome Jazz Gritt – newly appointed Associate choreographer for FuZe8

FuZe8 dancing in lockdown!

Jazz focused on building the dancers’ strength, flexibility, technique, creativity and knowledge within contemporary dance. Using Cunningham Technique as a base he developed the dancers awareness of their body and where it is in space, plus ensuring they moved dynamically through shapes and showed both control and attack with movements. Each week the classes increased in tempo and difficulty, to really challenge the dancers.

Jazz created a piece of choreography applying Rudolf Laban’s principle ‘Points in Space’. The dancers explored the idea of restriction, working from a “box” and pulling together a piece of dance that reflects the current   situation in the world today.

The dancers worked incredibly hard at adjusting to new ways of learning and really rose to the challenge. We have been hugely impressed with their focus, commitment and positive energy!

We can’t wait to see the Virtual Dance4Film which is currently being created by newly appointed Associate Choreographer Jazz Gritt.

Jazz is very passionate about installing the confidence in FuZe8 to audition for dance at conservatoire and University level. His approach reflected this, as he worked with the dancers in the space of their own homes.