Joli Vyann workshop – a very sweaty, high energy, flying through space and risk taking class!

Tuesday 15 October

Dance workshop with Joli Vyann

Joli Vyann are a performance company that present an innovative fusion of circus, dance and theatre – blurring the boundaries of dance and circus skills.

Through the use of acrobatic tricks, fluid choreography and inventive characters, Joli Vyann endeavour to create storylines that draw in their audiences, firing their imaginations. This combination of surprise and enchanting physical journeys seeks to make Joli Vyann’s work accessible to new and diverse audiences.

The dancers were certainly put through their paces, as they flew through the space with athleticism and energy and strengthened their confidence in contact, lift and support work. For those FuZe8 YDC dancers who are currently working on their year 11 and year 13 choreography this workshop was gold dust!