‘Invisible’ premiere (2019)

FuZe8 Youth Dance Company premiered ‘Invisible’ at two local dance performances in Bournemouth this week.

Rock Challenge, Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth on Monday 11 March and Origins Youth Dance Platform, Pavilion Dance South West on Saturday 16 March 2019.

The works were commissioned by Yorke Dance Project and D@win dance company and both evoked a social parable which can initially leave the audience with a sense of dislocation.

Part 1: 

Yorke Dance Project’s choreography was inspired by Kenneth MacMillan’s ‘Playground‘ (1979) and using the original ensemble as its base, the piece examined the relationships that occurred through the interactions in the playground and within the group dynamic.

Part 2:

D@win Dance Company in association with Avant Garde Dance Company explored the themes of hierarchy, judgement, consciousness and individuality.

The 21 dancers from Christchurch filled the stage with energy, physicality and conviction. Performers dressed in yellow, blue, grey and burgundy pedestrian costumes portrayed a lighthearted playground atmosphere; whilst it was not immediately clear if the characters seen on stage were playing fair or manipulating the rules.

An element of game playing with excitement and innocent expressions juxtaposed with deep haunting stares and feelings of isolation‘ (PDSW audience member, 2019)