FuZe8 Dance Summer School August 2021


As the young dancers entered the studio for the first time on Monday morning, we knew something special was about to happen. Our first Youth Dance Summer School for young dancers in the south west had launched and we were ready to go!

The dancers arrived quietly in anticipation to begin with, but by the end of each day they were full of delight and energy!  They experienced transferable skills which they will be able to apply to other aspects of their life; all of which are vital to a child’s happiness and success.

During the week they covered Street, Contemporary and Creative Dance as well as Yoga, Well-being and Relaxation.



At the start of each day Artistic director, Nicola, led a Yoga and Well-being class encouraging the dancers to become more aware of their bodies and what they are capable of. Developing an understanding of what each muscle and limb can do and also build upon their courage to experiment with movement and to push themselves to see what they can achieve with their own bodies.

Street Dance

Street Dance artist, Leila, started the week off focusing on locking. The dancers’ concentration, focus and perseverance was incredible. And this continued every session. By the end of the week they performed a full routine with codified street steps, integrating house, urban, locking and popping with bags of energy and attitude!

Musical Theatre

Musical theatre artist, Keira, led a two hour musical theatre technique and creative class on the first day focusing on the movements and choreography from Wicked and Descendants. The dancers couldn’t get enough, bounding across the space with immense exuberance, laughter and spirit!


Contemporary dance artist, Erin, led a dynamic and creative class, focusing on release technique, traveling through space, articulation of the foot and also transforming posture and balance and improving their fitness. The choreography was inspired by Akram Khan’s professional work Rush, based on Sky-diving.


Whilst dance is a source of fun exercise for young children, it is also an outlet for creativity. Their perseverance and self-motivation whilst learning new routines and choreography from three different dance styles united them as a group and as a result formed new friendships.

Their confidence and communication skills improved whilst they experimented and found different pathways to solving problems in dance, ultimately leaving each day feeling physically refreshed, which in turn improved their well-being and mood.


At the end of the day the dancers really looked forward to donning their fluffy socks and warm jumper, laying out their mats and turning on their ‘candles’ ready for Relaxation. An excellent way to channel boundless energy into a positive and calm mind. They reflected on their sense of success and accomplishment, their experience when they had mastered a complicated movement or helped another dancer in achieving theirs.

On a few occasions Nicola would have to wake the dancers from a deep sleep.


The end of the week saw the dancers pull together and perform a beautiful choreography, encompassing their learning and the dance styles from the classes. The performance included graceful and artistic duets, choreographed by the dancers themselves, along with a mature, well rounded solo piece.

Fuze8 Dance Company couldn’t be more proud of these eager and talented dancers.

“I am really enjoying seeing the dancers work together and watching their confidence grow. It might just be seen as ‘childcare’ but they are REALLY enjoying it and immersing themselves into the experience. It is wonderful to see.” Nicola, Artistic Director


Thank you for all your hard work that you put into the summer school. Louisa has loved every minute and has come home with a beaming smile every day and absolutely shattered.  You guys have really pushed and challenged her. Thank you!” Francesca, Parent.

Nicola do you have the dates for the next summer school 2022?” Dancer, aged 8

“Are you running another week this summer?” Dancer, aged 10

Monica LOVED it! She really enjoyed the contemporary class and having the opportunity to create her own moves and add them to the choreography. She loved the variety of different styles learned each day, she had so much fun. It was great to see Monica so engaged and wanting to practice her phrases for each choreography when she got home. We can’t wait to see the videos!” Tina, Parent.