FuZe8 Youth Dance Company

FuZe8 Youth Dance Company

FuZe8 Youth Dance Company meet on Tuesday 4.45 – 7.00pm at Twynham School, Bournemouth, Dorset.

FuZe8 Youth Dance Company offers young dancers the chance to experience what it is like to be a dancer working in a company. It provides an opportunity for young dancers to develop virtuosity and strength in their performance and experience inspirational and high quality dance within a supportive and encouraging environment.

FuZe8 Dancers will:

  • Dance with a dynamic and professional contemporary dance company
  • Work with visiting professional choreographers and companies
  • Perform at a wide range of regional venues
  • Create links with dancers and companies in the region
  • Gain technical and choreographic experience, along with the skills needed for progression onto dance schools and higher education courses.

The dancers will develop their contemporary technique and creativity whilst improving their interpretative and physical skills. Alongside this, they will experience workshops in strength and conditioning, yoga and improvisation to enhance their dance profile. They will have the opportunity to engage and develop network links with other young dancers and companies in the region.

The class aims to build on existing skills learned at school or dancing school plus support and guide them with their career progression.

As part of FuZe8 Youth Dance Company, dancers will have the opportunity to work with professional choreographers and companies and create performance work to share. In the past Nicola has designed projects that provide opportunities for young people that maximises engagement for all ages, backgrounds and experiences. Over the years, the company have been fortunate to work with Yorke Dance Project and Robert Cohan, Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures, Siobhan Davies Dance Company, Retina Dance Company and Rambert Dance Company.

At the start of each new term FuZe8 YDC welcome new dancers to come and share class with them. Open class is FREE and allows dancers to join in and experience a contemporary technique and creative class, in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

To book a place please email nicola@fuze8dance.co.uk

Each term runs for approximately 12 weeks at £230. Payment options and bursaries available.