FuZe8 Dance at Burton Primary School

FuZe8 had the opportunity to deliver a four-week pilot to integrate Dance and Literacy in the curriculum at KS2. The project was based on Gangsta Granny written by David Wailliams.
Rebecca Harding, Year 5 teacher from Burton Primary School Bournemouth wanted FuZe8 to focus on transforming a section of the book ‘Stealing the Crown Jewels’ through dance. Nicola visited the school prior to the pilot and observed the year 5 students using this extract as a literacy task.

The aim for the pilot was to promote Dance in the curriculum and raise awareness with staff and pupils that it can be a very useful tool to support learning in the classroom. Learning the story through dance brought the book alive and enabled the pupils to remember key aspects of the story.

Each dance workshop developed the pupil’s literacy skills through artistic, physical, personal and social dance.

Young person quote:

Jenna – ‘dancing was really fun and active’

Zeynel – ‘the obstacle course was fun! I didn’t expect that as part of a dance’

Freddy – ‘it was fun working as a team to make freeze frames’

Ellie – ‘it was nice to have a proper routine to put at the end of our work’

‘Having you come in and teach for four weeks was a wonderful experience. I was particularly impressed with how you managed to link the dance piece to our Literacy text, I felt this worked brilliantly. Also I feel the children were really engaged and motivated as there were a variety of different styles for them to work with (obstacle course, freeze frames and motif). Thank you very much for your time and effort, I was really pleased with how much the children achieved in such a short period of time’. Rebecca Harding – Year 5 teacher